iPatch FAQ

Q: So… what is this iPatch exactly?

A: Good question! The iPatch is a revolutionary product that protects your computer, or other electronic device from cyber hackers intent on gaining access to your webcam.

Q: Why would someone want to gain access to my webcam!?

A: To spy on you! There are numerous motivations for someone to want to spy on you. It could be a boss who wants to make sure you’re not goofing off on company time. It could be a psycho ex who is obsessed with tracking your every move.There are many others. Take, for instance, the recent case of a school system in Philadelphia who loaned its computers out to students, then spied on them through their webcams.  And then there’s the latest debacle where a rent-to-own computer service was caught taking “pictures of children, individuals not fully clothed, and couples engaged in sexual activities.”

Be sure to keep an eye on my blog for other examples that make the news.
These are just a few of the disturbing examples, but there are many more out there and there are new victims everyday.

Q: Yikes! That’s scary! So what can I do to protect myself?

A: Unfortunately, there are no true software protection products available right now. I mean, if it’s software, it can be hacked, right? The best way to protect yourself from intrusion is to stay away from malicious or strange websites (yeah like celebrity porn sites), and DO NOT download software unless you are SURE it is legit. That’s only half the battle though. If the intruder has physical access to your computer (i.e. the “friendly” computer repairman, psycho ex who “comes over to pick up the DVD’s” he left when you broke up, etc.) it is possible for them to install a program that will give them access to your computer from anywhere.

The best way to protect yourself is by using a physical webcam blocker, like the iPatch!

Q: What makes the iPatch so special?

A: The iPatch has been developed from months of trial and error product development. We did plenty of market research, and while there are other options out there, most of them are ugly, bulky and obtrusive.

The iPatch applies the best in design, functionality, affordability and security.

It’s slim, non-intrusive and can be removed, replaced and re-positioned numerous times. The iPatch is truly customizable and can have virtually any design applied to it.
The iPatch is made of the highest quality adhesive vinyl and has been measured to precisely fit the MacBook Pro, but should fit pretty much any other computer webcam on the market.
It has been treated to withstand moisture and UV exposure. Each iPatch is 100% handmade, which says something!

Q: Where is the iPatch made?

A: The iPatch is made in Denver, Colorado in the USA. We try to use local supplies and labor for our products wherever possible.


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